Fourth of July

How was everybody's July Fourth? Do anything special? Go anywhere exciting? As for me, I just stayed home and had an impromptu celebration with my family. We ate a ton of fun, but we enjoyed ourselves. 

If you're wondering what the Japanese word for fireworks is, it's 花火 (hanabi). 花 (hana) meaning flower, and 火 (bi) meaning fire. So essentially it literally translates to be fire flowers, or rather, flowers of fire. But that does make logical sense cause they do kind of look like that. :3


(If you would like to see the short video clips that I posted on Instagram, simply click the images above.)

So I'm still in the patriotic mode and had a very red, white, and blue breakfast this morning. Nothing beats having a typical bowl of Cheerios for breakfast. It's a simple go-to meal, yet this time I topped it off with some blueberries and raspberries for an added kick. Yum! :3 

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