Hello Again~

Hey everyone! So I know that it has been a very long time since my last posting, just over a year now since I've updated this blog. Well have no fear cause I've returned! Yay! lol.

So I bring good news! I'm finallyyyy going to Japan!! Yayyyyy!! :3

I strive to update my blog at least once a week this upcoming school year of mine in Japan. I depart on August 20th, so I guess starting in September I'll start updating more frequently. Look forward to all my text posts, photos, and videos!

I'll also reactivate my blog on tumblr: @thworldismine. There you can find more of my pictures that I'll be taking throughout my travels abroad. And of course you can always follow my adventures on my Instagram @funtoo2 which I update daily! Enjoy! ;)

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