Hopefully you all enjoyed your Christmas cause I surely did. I ate a tonnnn! I feel as though I ate more yesterday than I did on Thanksgiving! (Maybe cause I had friends over during Thanksgiving that I was too embarrassed to eat the amount that I usually do? lol.) My favorite holiday dishes are by far my aunt's macaroni & cheese and her sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top! Every year, without fail, will I say that those are my favorite dishes. I even wrote about it for a writing assignment my senior year of high school. Here's the short piece I wrote:

(to be posted soon...once I find it...)

Anyway, I wanna know what you all received as presents for Christmas! Lemme know in the comments! From my mom I got a pair of earrings, some headphones, and a jacket. And then from everyone else I got some money (just what I needed). :3

You know, looking back over that list, it's not very detailed. Teachers always tell us to use vivid words when describing things in order to bring that thing to life. For all you know I could have received a pair of one of those super crappy earring sets from Claire's, even though they are super cute with their hearts and stars and cupcake shaped studs. Or for the headphones, I could have gotten a $10 set by JVC. Or even the jacket. Was it a light jacket or a heavy winter coat? You'd never know without detail. (Sorry for turning this into an English lecture, but it's all valid stuff.)

Regardless, do you really wanna know what I actually got for Christmas? Ahem. Not to brag, but I did receive quite nice gifts from my mother this year. She gave me my very first pair of diamond earrings. They're small studs, but the sizing is just perfect for me! I absolutely love them! I can't believe she bought me Tiffany earrings. I initially told her to return them since I don't really deserve something soooo expensive, but she insisted that I keep them, especially now that I'm an official college student who deserves something exquisite. The headphones my mom gave me were none other than a pair of Beats by Dre. Wow. Beats. I've been wanting them for a long time, but then as time passed I gradually didn't really care too much, but it was such a surprise to still receive them from my mom. She gave me a pair of white Studios, and surpisingly enough, they don't bother my ears when I wear them for too long (cause usually after a while over the ear headphones tend to hurt my ears, but these don't at all! so happy!). And last but not least, my got a red, cashmere jacket from my mom in the style of a trendy blazer. She bought it for me since I'm planning on being an International Business Major so she thought I just had to look stylish while attending my Business classes. lol. Just love my mom and her thoughtfulness. Thank you again mommy! :)

Oh, I'll post pictures of the stuff later on! Look forward to it! :3

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