I figured that since it was snowing the other day I should post some pictures of the snow, but I haven't had time today to do any professional photographing, so instead I'm just gonna post some pics I took when I was in Washington of the snow. Enjoy these instead! And happy snow day to those of you who have snow and no school! (I've only had one class cancellation so far.)

Currently in Carlisle, PA we have more snow than this. And just when we all thought that the snow was officially coming to an end, especially since the temperature was much warmer and everything was melting. The weather's like, "Heh. Spring? I don't think so," and just craps a load of snow out on us.

Here's a picture of the rosemary growing in my front yard. It's been standing strong, even in the bitter cold! Stay strong Mary! Ganbatte! ;3

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