In Her Memory

Lately I've been obsessing over this song called, "今日から思い出 ("In Her Memory")," by Aimer (エメ). I first heard it on and instantly fell in love with it! It's definitely worth listening to! Check it out by clicking the image below! :3

Initially I thought this song was called, "Memories from Today," but it just depends on how one translates it. Here the artist decided to phrase it as "In Her Memory" which does fit better than what I had worded it as since the song includes a passage of time, not just of one day. The lyrics of this song are so sad, and Aimer does a lovely job bringing about the feelings in them by singing in a wispy voice. This song's about wanting to hear her mom say at least once, "I love you," and to know if she's okay, but now that's no longer possible since her mom left. So sad. *tears* My mom tells me all the time that she loves me. I also loved the illustrations/animation of the video. I think the art style fits perfectly, contributing to the portrayal of a crestfallen atmosphere.

Don't forget to check out Aimer's other songs! I'm also a big fan of her song, "星の消えた夜に." Here's a link to her official website, YouTube Channel, and Vevo! :3

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