Monday, March 17, 2014


As many of you know, I went to New York over Spring Break. I had such a wonderful time! So before going I made a seriously intense itinerary and we somehow managed to do practically everything on it! But there's some type of issue that occurs that makes things not happen, for instance, not waking up on time, etc. lol. But the schedule I created was flexible enough to handle such events, but not to the extent of us being relocated part way during our trip.

So while I was in New York, I stayed on NYU's campus in Brittany Hall. Little did I know, but they only have a three day guest allowance, and I had planned on staying for five days in total. Meaning, for two days I was either going to have to be smuggled in and out of the building, or worst case, homeless. I was completely prepared to do the first option, but...staying in a five person suite, while already bringing two other friends, and my friend's roommate had already planned on bringing two other people also, meant that there would be ten people there in total, all sharing one bathroom. And to put the icing on the cake, during exams. Probably if it had been any other time of the year her other roommates would have been somewhat okay with this living arrangement but since studying is crucial to getting decent grades, we were forced to leave.

Luckily however, my friend has an aunt who lives in the Bronx who was more than happy to allow us to stay there for those two extra nights. I will never forget her kindness and willingness to have three completely random strangers into her house. Thank you again for your hospitality!

So for our final day, I had planned on us going to Brooklyn to visit the Brooklyn Museum but seeing as Brooklyn is all the way south and slightly eastward from the Bronx, we decided to skip that adventure and leave it for next time. Instead though, we went to Chinatown (for like the third time), which benefited me since I somehow injured my ankle.

I honestly have no idea how it happened, the people at the Wellness Center (my school's infirmary) believe it was due to all the walking we did and the constant friction between my ankle and the hard inner of knit Ugg (would have never thought that part to be so stiff) that caused my poor little ankle to turn red and swell up so much. Never in my life have I ever injured myself to the point of swelling and pain. It hurt to walk on my left food so I limped for the rest of Wednesday's journey, aiming to walk as little as possible that day. So Chinatown by far was the best decision, that way my friends could dump all the luggage on me while they went off to enjoy their freedom of having no bags to lug around with them as they continued on with their shoppings to buy more crap to dump on me. Yay...

(Taro Milk Bubble Tea)

They left me for what felt like hours in a small bubble tea shop called Chatime (日出茶太). I ended up ordering a taro bubble tea, and drank it as slowly as possible as to not get kicked out. While I was waiting, some guy from my college randomly appeared. It was seriously strange meeting up with someone from my tiny little college in the middle of nowhere in such a big city as large as New York. Like what are the odds of that? And out of all the bubble tea shops in Chinatown, in New York, why would he come into that one? (I must have good taste :3)  So the two of us have actually never spoken to one another before, but we obviously both recognized each other's face (and I was blatantly wearing a Dickinson sweatshirt), so inevitably we decided to chat. He didn't stay long since he had a prearranged meeting with his parents or something, and he couldn't exactly sit down since I'd claimed the other chair for my throbbing ankle that I was icing, but I noticed he too had ordered a taro bubble tea (see, I seriously have good taste when it comes to food).

(They can never spell my name correctly...)

After our final Chinatown visit, we proceeded to Times Square so that we could wait for the Greyhound bus in a timely manner; we still had about an hour and a half left. During that period of time my friends once again decided to leave me, this time in a Starbucks, so they could continue with their shoppings. Of course I watched over our steadily growing mountain and of course I spotted someone else from my college, or rather two more people from Dickinson. Although they saw me too, we never had the chance to make 'actual' eye contact with one another due to obstructions in one another's views, but I knew that they had seen me, and had whispered unheard secrets about me. I've talked with this couple before and I really did want to speak with them this time, but I had forgotten their names and couldn't exactly make proper eye contact with them, so that's where our interaction ended.

To be continued...