A Snapshot An Hour

This may not seem like such a difficult challenge, but reminding yourself to take a picture every hour is actually quiet difficult. I decided to give this challenge a try after seeing Free People's blog post about it. As they had said, you get to see a glimpse of someone's daily life. Doesn't that intrigue you? Don't you wanna know how others live their lives too? (But then again, you can just check their Instagram or Twitter and it gives away what they do all day right there.) Anyway, I hope you enjoy this posting! :3

9am: Arise

Like many of you, or not, I am (sadly) addicted to Instagram. Every morning when I wake up I have to check my feed. If it's not Instagram your obsessed with, then it must be Facebook, or Twitter, or Vine, or just you name it, there's something that you probably check on a daily basis.

10am: Kpop Dance Practice

Unfortunately my dancing skills aren't as great as my photography skills, so I decided to cut out this picture... (笑)

11am: Smoothie Time!

After a nice workout, I love to enjoy a nice and refreshing smoothie. I love making smoothies in the morning for breakfast or brunch! They're so light, yet very filling! This one is packed with lots of nutrients, including bananas, strawberries, spinach, chia seeds, mint, almond milk, and a sprinkling of cinnamon. I love adding vegetables to my drink to ensure that I get my veggies in for the day!

12pm: Herbs

This was my first time ever purchasing dill from the grocery store, so I'm actually not too sure how to store them. When I had visited a friend at her house one time I noticed that they had put their dill on display on the kitchen table, so I decided to create a little presentation of our own. It's nice to be able to just pluck some fresh herbs and nibble on them throughout the day for a quick snack. :3

1pm: Friendly Visitors

I'm not sure if many of you have this issue, but at my house, we have the unfortunate luck of having these little critters crawling around. Their favorite hangout spot is of course the kitchen, and strangely the bathroom.

2pm: Korean Studies

If you haven't realized it by now, but I'm an extremely lazy person. I've been wanting to learn Korean for a while now, and honestly it doesn't take that long to learn it, but I just can't seem to focus. I'm usually not this bad when it comes time to do work, but maybe it's just because I'm on summer vacation that I have an excuse to be as unproductive as I want. So instead of cracking open my Korean textbook or visiting one of my online resources, I decided to watch a children's show in Korean. I probably won't be watching Hutos: The Last Forest anytime soon since it wasn't too fascinating. On the otherhand, I'd totally recommend Why? Like that show explains everything in very simple language. No wonder Asian kids are so smart, they have television shows like this, whereas we in America have Ed, Edd n Eddy....

3pm: Cleaning

I noticed my mother had been scrubbing the gravel with a toothbrush earlier in the week, so I wanted to finish up the rest of it for her. When she came home she was really impressed with all of my hard work (I also washed all the dishes for her too)! :3

4pm: Out for a Stroll

We arrived early to the Eastern Market and Capitol Hill area fairly early for our 5 o'clock dinner reservations, so we took a little walk around town. The weather was so wonderful.

5pm: Interior

As my mother pondered over what to share for our appetizer, I went ahead and started exploring the restaurant. I really liked how the walls were covered in pebbles.

6pm: Pecking Duck

Dinner was fabulous! It was by far one of my favorite meals I've ever had out. The experience somewhat reminded me of Benihana since the chef carefully sliced the duck in front of us. I highly recommend getting pecking duck from Nooshi located in Capitol Hill! (Click here for my Instagram image and here for my Instagram video.)

7pm: Macaron Mania

I have this weird obsession with macarons, so after dinner we stopped by The Sweet Lobby for some macarons. Flavors I got (from top to bottom): balsamic fig, cappuccino, rose, and vanilla violet. My favorites were the two flower ones. (Click here my Instagram posting.)

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