Korean Resources

If you're trying to learn Korean or looking to learn more about the Korean culture, then I'd suggest visiting the following:

Websites and Youtube Channels:
  • Talk to Me in Korean - TTMIK was launched in 2009, so they're veterans to when it comes to teaching Korean to those who wish to learn on their own. Their website includes a curriculum of the Korean grammar, along with other Korean language lessons, such as learning Korean through K-Pop or Idiomatic Expressions. Talk to Me in Korean has printed textbooks and workbooks available for purchase at their online store, but everything featured in them are all available, 100% free, on their website for digital download. Listen to their podcasts and enjoy learning Korean with their community. They even have a wonderful YouTube Channel to accompany their site with language and cultural help.
  • HaruKorean - The creators of TTMIK have now created a Korean language learning website which gives you access to lessons and daily exercises along with getting instant feedback from native speakers. There is a small monthly fee for their various memberships, but I highly suggest checking out once you've mastered the hangeul.
  • Sweet And Tasty - Great tool for learning Korean! Also check out her YouTube channel! She has a great series called KWOW giving you wonderful insight to the Korean culture! Her videos are very informative and entertaining! Love Professor Oh and Grandma Kim! They're so helpful when it comes to learning Korean! ;3
  • Migook Saram's YouTube Channel - Migook is an English teacher in South Korea who loves to vlog. Check out her YouTube Channel for videos about Korea's pop culture regarding it's music and fashion, along with tips for foreigners wanting to visit Korea. She also has a blog, but as far as I can tell, she hasn't updated it since 2013, but it's still a valuable source!
  • Live Mocha - In 2013, Live Mocha was purchased by Rosetta Stone. Regardless, it still functions as a free, online service for those who wish to pursue learning a new language. The benefits of this website is that you can 'purchase' courses in your desired language through the currency of points. You initially start off with a certain amount of points, and the only way to gain more is to either complete your lessons or help out others who're learning your native language. They also have a currency called 'beans,' but I think that you actually have to buy those with real money; you also have the option of buying 'points' with real money too. The different portions of each lesson includes: lesson introduction, review of vocabulary terms, review of language usage notes, practicing language usage, practicing reading and writing, practicing reading and speaking, practicing listening and writing, and practicing listening and reading. The concept is very similar to that of Rosetta Stone, probably why they bought it, but it's soooo much cheaper! Definitely give it a try!
  • Drama Fever: Kids - Drama Fever is a great website that has all of your favorite Korean dramas, along with other Asian TV shows and movies. But did you know that they also have a children's section to their page? What better way to learn than to just sit back & relax and watch a show in the foreign language of your study with little to no effort? I feel that watching kids' shows encourages me to study Korean more frequently since I'm able to pick up on what they're saying because the language is very simple! I'd definitely recommend checking out Drama Fever Kids, along with Drama Fever's YouTube channel! :D
  • Eat Your Kimchi - Eatyourkimchi is a website all about kpop. If you're a major kpop lover, this is the site for you! They'll let you know about the hottest artists and songs and help you to discover some new Indie Korean Music. Their site offers a lot besides kpop, such as strange finds in Korea (check out their WTF Korea videos), Q&A videos (see TL;DR videos), or even live chats on Fridays! And don't forget to subscribe to their YouTube Channel!
  • Seoultastic - Seoultastic is a wonderful resource for finding out more about the Korean food and culture. They even provide you with living and travel information for planning your next trip to Korea. They have an awesome YouTube Channel! Check 'em out!
  • ChelseaSpeak3 - Chelsea is an American who lives in South Korea, teaching English to her adorable elementary class. She mostly uploads videos focusing on life as a foreigner in South Korea, along with other cultural aspects of Korea. She also has a blog, but her updates are very infrequent.
  • Hyunwoo Sun's Youtube Channel - Hyunwoo is one of the founders of TTMIK. Check out his YouTube Channel for videos about Korea and learning a new language! 
  • Seemile - Seemile is an Asian language learning website, offering courses for Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and surprisingly Russian. And apparently they even have an app for both the Apple and Android markets! However, I'd suggest subscribing to their YouTube Channel for Korean language learning. 
  • Maangchi Maangchi's Korean Vocab YouTube Channel offers quick and easy to learn videos for Korean vocabulary. However, her main YouTube Channel focuses on Korean cuisine, providing you with step-by-step help on preparing delicious Korean meals while also teaching you about the culture. Check out both her YouTube channels, along with her website!
  • Seokjin Jin's YouTube - Seokjin is another member of the TTMIK board. He likes to learn new things and draw, so check out his YouTube for drawing tutorials, in Korean, along with cultural aspects of South Korea. 
  • Mind Pasta - On May 31, 2014, some random person on Twitter tweeted me, asking if I was learning Korean. I was a little skeptical of the link that they provided, but nevertheless I clicked away. It brought me to this website, MindPasta.com, a community of fellow Korean learners. Little did I know, but apparently Ryan, the guy who created Mind Pasta (in only 11 days! O.o), was the one who had tweeted me and invited me to join his site. I suggest just clicking here to automatically be lead to Part 1 of his Korean teaching series, however, to access more of his lessons, you have to acquire more points. Currently I'm not sure how to get more points, nor do I know how to make perfumes (what ever that does), but don't let that stop you from giving it a try! Also, he supposedly has an app out. And another thing, I feel that the website can be a little slow to load pages; just an observation.
  • Korean Class 101 - I've honestly never used Korean Class 101 website, nor any of those other "language" Class 101 sites, but they do have some helpful Korean language videos located on their YouTube Channel
  • Richard Lucchesi's YouTube Channel - Follow Richard's journey as he learns Korean! He also has some Korean cultural videos.

  • Korean Letters - Korean Alive, LLC presents this wonderful flashcard-like app to help you learn Hangul. Learn Hangul in 1 day! I highly recommend spending the mere $2.99 for the full version; it's definitely worth it! (Download from App Store. Free version: Korean Ltrs Lite or Purchase: Korean Ltrs)
  • Pop Popping Korean - Pronunciation - Hansol Education presents (Download from App Store)
  • Play With Korean - I haven't played this one yet, but it looks cute (Download from Google Play)

This list will periodically be updated.

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