Connected - Online Again

I've never felt so disconnected from the world. It was awful not instantly knowing what the weather was each morning. Not being able to instantaneously know where my friends were at or spontaneously set up plans for meeting. Unable to check up on important stuff like emails or new homework assignments, or the unimportant stuff like Instagram or Facebook. Incapable of calling people (since T-Mobile has really crappy service in Carlisle, PA, so the only way I've been able to talk with people on my cellphone was via WiFi). I wasn't a big fan of this experiment, and neither were many of the other students.

For the ones who did enjoy this project, I applaud you for being so productive over the weekend. Reading, finishing homework, finally delving into the wonders of this world. These are things you could do any and everyday, things I do on a daily basis, but because you were and now once again too caught up in gossip and rumors and whatnots, you never noticed the beauties of this earth.

I guess I sound somewhat like a hypocrite since I couldn't stand not being in that 'know realm' but it was just really annoying to hear people say that they were productive for once, that they had never noticed xyz, that the world was actually round, etc. Like what are you doing with your lives? Staring 24/7 at your phone? The second your phone rings or vibrants, do you stop what you're doing to pick up that phone? Come on people, just ignore it. You've been told this a thousand times by your parents and teachers to just put it aside during your homework/study sessions so you can concentrate more. Now do you finally see what they've been talking about all these years? That once in a while you need to go out and smell the roses?

When I lived in Italy I had to degrade from a smartphone to one of those crappy mobile phone with poor picture quality. For one year I struggled, survived, and lived without the internet ceaselessly at my fingertips. From this experience of limited internet access, I experienced what real living was; what it meant to be a human being. But the instant I discovered that unlocked wireless streaming from my neighbor's router, boy did things change. Slowly, but surely did I revert back to my prior ways; locking myself away into the depths of my computer and into the internet. Only did I resurface when my six year old host sister pulled me out, literally. She yanked me out of my bedroom and forced me to play with her. Omg. What had I done?? I had abandoned by cute and adorable Costanza! From that moment onward I realized that I had to effectively balance my virtual me with the real me, obviously weighing heavier on physical than the intangible.

(lolololol. Okay. Honestly this all just sounds like bull and a bunch of garbage I'm just throwing in your face---which I am; like the style of this writing, the wording of everything. hahahaha. too funnnyyyy. xD No, but seriously, everything I've written is basically true.)

Meh. I just wrote whatever came to my mind. I'm tired. I'm going to sleep. Hopefully this all makes since and you enjoyed my rant, awkward thought process, and strange writing, whateves. Night peps! (Also, I think I might be getting sick...hopefully not but my throat has been feeling weird...T.T)

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