The Experiment - NO INTERNET!

OMGGGG!! So I wasn't really freaking out before, and I'm not really freaking out right now, but....I WON'T HAVE ACCESS TO THE INTERNET THIS WEEKEND!! This is no big deal for some of you, but then again, it may be a really big deal for the other half (not about me not having internet, but about yourselves not having internet).

Anyway, straight to the point, in my first-year seminar class (I'm taking Technology and Social Interaction) we decided (more like the teacher...) to do an experiment where we wouldn't have access to the internet for the weekend. I didn't think too much about it since, one, I've already had limited access to the internet in the past when I lived in Italy for the entire year, and two, I'm not much of a people person so I'm totally capable of being disconnected for just three mere days.'s the catch: we also won't be able to text. DAFUQ?? When I lived in Italy I could text people off of my crappy non-smart phone, I could use the internet in my bedroom when I propped my laptop up on top of my knees to get better service from the neighbor's wireless, I could call people wherever I pleased. But with this experiment I won't have internet access, I can't receive or send texts, and I can only call people from my room as if my cellphone were a landline phone (but I can't even do that since I can only call people through the internet since T-Mobile's service sucks in Carlisle, PA). Omgggg! Now that I've been trying to make friends and stop being anti-social, I can't even be in contact with these people, make plans with them, know when and where I can meet them since I ain't got no internet and texting capabilities due to this projectttt!! alksjflaj!

So I decided to write this little posting to let you all know in advance that if I don't respond to anyone text messages or why I haven't updated any of my social networking profiles (that means no Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram, no Youtube, no nothing...), is not because I died, but because of this experiment that my class is doing. This project starts today at 11:30 a.m. and ends Sunday, at 5:00 p.m. I'm excited, but also extremely annoyed since two of my four classes have online only submissions for assignments so I had to finish those early/will have to finish the rest Sunday night since we haven't learned majority of the stuff which will be taught today after I lose internet. Meh. Also, once this experiment finishes I'll have to write a five page essay about the experience. Yay...

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