California Visit - LEAP, UCLA

Hey everyone! I know it seems like forever since the last time I last posted (okay, maybe only for me it may feel that way) so anyway, I'm in California right now!!! Omg!! :D

I came to Los Angeles on July 27th for a leadership conference called LEAP that lasted for a week at UCLA. Before coming to this convention I had no idea what to expect except the fact that I was going to be at a week long leadership conference. I honestly had no clue what was in store for me. The only reason I found out about this con and was attending it was because of my cousin who insisted I go since he loved it so much from the year prior.

I'm not really gonna talk too much about this convention since I really don't know how to explain it (actually, nobody at LEAP knows how to either. lol). The only this I can say is that it legit is a life changing experience. It's a program I'd definitely recommend for everyone to attend because it helps one to become a better person--unlocking their potentials as a human being. The atmosphere at LEAP is phenomenal; there isn't any other place in the world like it. The people are amazing, you feel amazing; you're a TEN! (Only LEAPers will understand this). I've made sooooo many friends and connections from this program; I met a lot of super rich, inspirational people and celebrities. I totally recommend LEAP!

The only downside though is that you get no sleep. You have lectures from 8:30 am until 10:30 pm; and on top of that you wake up at 6:30 am (during the summer). Regardless of the no sleeping part, I'm still planning on returning for next year's LEAP! Hopefully it'll take place in Perth, Australia! I'm soooo excited!! :3

And guess who this is a picture of. Yep! That's right! Kelly Osbourne! She was soooo nice and super down to earth! I loved listening to her talk about her personal story. I'm now a fan of hers! Oh, and the man sitting next to her is Dr. Bill Dorfman. He's the one who organizes LEAP each year. If you don't know who he is, Dr. Bill is a celebrity dentist. He does dental work on many celebrities and he's the founder of that famous whitening product Zoom Whitening.

If you wanna find out who else came to LEAP this year, check out my twitter! I lot of celebs either tweeted, retweeted, and/or followed me back! :D

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