I'm a College Student now! OMG!! O.o

Sorry I went MIA on ya'll. I just got super lazy and super busy. lol. So here's an update. I'm officially a college student now! OMG! I moved into my dorm on Wednesday, I've met a ton of awesomely amazing people, and I'm excited for my classes which start on Monday (but I haven't received all of my books yet...)! But I seriously cannot believe I'm in college. Oh my gosh. I'm a college student now. 私は大学生です!Who would've thought this time would come so quickly?! I still can't over that I'm an adult too! Omg!! I'm soooo oldddd! >. >

Here's a pic of my dorm. I live in a corner room on the third floor of Adams. It's not very decorated at the moment, but soon enough it will be. I'm thinking about having my mom bring me my television (or hopefully I win one tonight at bingo!), along with my PS3 or xbox. Idk if I'll have time to play video games since I have a bunch of classes--which means I have a ton of reading, essays, tests, and exams to do--I have my work study, and I also have to socialize cause I don't wanna not have friends and stuff. Meh. I don't know.

At least I don't have to worry about bothering my roommate with my foolishness since I don't have a roommate. I have a really big double room to myself which is awesomeee. I'm thinking about transforming my second bed into a couch. I've already converted her desk into a food preparation/chopping station, lol. I really like having a single since I can stay up however long I want without worrying about keeping someone else up and such. But I've been told that I'll probably get someone later on and not to clutter the other side, but I'm thinking that won't happen until second semester so I'll just decorate the entire room however I desire to. I can't wait until my mom brings stuff up. I'm poor so I'll just wait to receive things from home. Anyway, hopefully you enjoyed this short update! Ciao for now! :D

Look at all that food I brought, and that's not even all of it...Can anyone guess everything that's in this box (probably not since a lot of stuff is out of view)? :3

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