Kula: Revolving Sushi Bar

When I went to Little Tokyo with my family the other day we decided to eat at Kula: Revolving Sushi Bar because one, my mom really wanted to eat sushi, and two, the reviews for this place on Yelp were really good. I'm really glad we did since the food was really good, and the pricing was excellent. Now who doesn't like cheap, excellent tasting grub?

We were all very shocked that practically everything in Kula was $2. Anything found going around on the conveyor-belt was $2. The only exceptions were things like tempura or udon or mochi ice cream, but those items had to be specially ordered.

I'm not even joking, but my family and I were the fattest people there (not actual size wise, but eating wise). There was just the four of us: me, my aunt, cousin, and mom. Among the four of us totaled a whopping number of 36 plates (talk about gross!). The table next to us had like seven people and they didn't even have that many plates...

All I can say is that the food was super delicious. I tried new dishes like the Sugata-Yariika Squid (すがたやりいか) and the Warabimochi (わらびもち). I didn't particularly care too much for the squid since it reminded me of soap, but on the other hand I really enjoyed the warabimochi. At first when I saw the warabimochi, I thought it was jellyfish or something since the texture is very jelly-like, but because I like to research my restaurants before going to them, I knew that warabimochi is actually a confectionary made from bracken starch (whatever that is) and coated with sweet toasted soybean flour. This dessert may look a little gross, but I liked it and I plan on getting again the next time I go to Kula. :3

                                                                                                             So if you are ever planning a vacation near Los Angeles and want some really delicious yet cheap sushi, then make sure you hit up Kula in Little Tokyo! :)

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