Little Tokyo

Omggggg! I absolutely loveeeeee Little Tokyo! I really wish that we had one in D.C.! (But then again, it's probably a good thing we don't since I'd legit go broke.)

So I visited Little Tokyo on Sunday and was awed by the experience. Unlike Washington's crappy Chinatown, Japantown has legit Japanese stores; like the products inside are all in Japanese and the people there speak Japanese. (In D.C.'s Chinatown the store names are in Chinese, but they're all just American stores; for example, Subway or Ritas or Dunkin' Donuts can all be found there but they're just American businesses. Well, okay, there are like two or three actual Chinese stores with people speaking Chinese inside, but they aren't as exciting as Japantown's shops.)

So as many of you know, the first day of the Tanabata festival is July 7, but the celebration continues throughout the month of July and into August. A major part of the festivities is writing down your wishes onto a piece of paper, then tying it onto a bamboo tree. At the moment there is a wishing tree located in Little Tokyo, so this was one activity I couldn't pass up. My aunt and I both wrote down all of our dreams in tiny font on a sliver of colored paper, filling both front and back sides with our desires. I saw that a lot of other folks had a lot to wish for too seeing as the tree was covered in papers. If you'd like to find out more about the Tanabata festival, check out Wikipedia's Tanabata page by clicking here.

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