Friday, July 5, 2013

Independence Day

How was everyone's Fourth of July? Do anything special? For those of you in DC, did you visit the National Mall to view the fireworks? Well I just relaxed at home for a bit, went to Bed, Bath, & Beyond to buy some cookingware, hopped over to Trader Joes for some last minute groceries, stopped by my cousins, ate a ton of food, watched World War Z at the Hyattsville Regal, returned to my cousins, watched Tangled, went outside to gawk at the fireworks from their front lawn, went inside and fell asleep 1/3 of the way through Avatar, and then finally went home. Wow, I watched a lot of movies yesterday. Well, hopefully everyone's July Fourth went splendidly. That's all for now! :)

And if you'd like to see a short, crappy video I took of the fireworks, check out my Instagram! (I actually took two videos, but to my surprise only one of them uploaded....sigh...)