Sunday, July 14, 2013

鰐蟹/WaniKani/Alligator Crab

Gah! I just love WaniKani! So I've been a beta user for quite sometime now, but I'm probably like the world's worst beta tester. Like, I'm just sooooo lazy, and I haven't really done much with my account, and so now I'm still stuck at like level one...awkward. Anyway, so when I was looking at the few vocabulary that I have access to since I'm so far behind, I came across the word 下. I've already known this character for a while now, but I decided to read their little "Reading Explanation" about it. Toooooo funnnnnyyy! xD

WaniKani's Reading Explanation of :

"What's below you? What's below your foot? Oh no. The worst thing possible: It's した."

I lol-ed about this for way longer than necessary, but after all this time of knowing this kanji I never once ever thought about seeing the pronunciation like that. And if you didn't know, the kanji 下 is made up of two other kanji: 一 and ト.  一  meaning "ground" and ト meaning "toe," so seeing that ト is below  一 ,  the literal definition of 下 is "toe below/under ground."

WaniKani offers hundreds of cute and quirky phrases for remembering the meanings and pronunciations of the countless number of kanji out there, but unfortunately this website isn't available to the public yet, but it will be soon! (They've almost reached 50 lessons! Wow! But I think they're aiming for 100 so there's still some time to go...) If you'd love to be a beta user just shoot me an email titled "I would love to be a WaniKani beta user too!" along with a short message about yourself and why you want to learn Japanese, how long you've been studying the language, if you're teaching yourself or learning in a classroom setting, etc., and I can forward you the beta user registration link! WaniKani is an amazing website for learning kanji! I'd definitely recommend it to all! :D

Also, I just discovered why WaniKani's mascot is this strange creature of a crab with an alligator head. If you break down the name, Wani (鰐) means alligator and Kani (蟹) means crab. But why would they name their website this? I have no clue.