Korean Language / 한국어 / Hangugeo

Only I would be stupid enough to put myself through this. I've decided to also add Korean to my list of summer language studies. So far I'm not doing so well with my self-study of the Korean language. I didn't realize how difficult it was to start learning a language from scratch was. Like with Japanese at least I've had years of exposure to it from anime watching, but with Korean, there's nothing; no base, no foundation; just nothing. I barely know what the native spoken tongue sounds like. Ugh! It's so frustrating! Like I have a friend who's from South Korea who could help me...but...I'm just really behind in my studies that I'm too embarrassed to ask. Like all weekend long I've only been lounging around watching anime and Korean dramas, not studying at all...It's my own fault that I haven't gotten anywhere...why must I be such a procrastinator?...

Oh! But when I was watching the drama I recognized a couple of words, such as:

"Hello" - 안녕 (ann-yeong)

"I love you" - 사랑해 (sa-rang-hae)

"Oh dear!" or "OMG!" - 아이고 (ai-go)
[But only elderly/people who want to sound cool use this term]

Also, I know how to write my name in Korean! :3

Jasmine - 재스민

But I really need to re-review the alphabet. I take wayyyy to long to try and figure out what stuff says...

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