Last weekend I visited my uncle's house and spotted some honeysuckles sprouting on a bush in his front yard. This was a perfect opportunity to take some photos! I love honeysuckles and have always enjoyed them since I was little. Every spring I would pick these little suckers so I could have a small taste of their honey. And the fragrance that they give off is so light and lovely. They're so refreshing!

I decided to look up where they're native to, and surprisingly only in the Northern Hemisphere; this region includes North America, Europe, and Asia. I furthered my research and apparently the Lonicera sempervirens species is from North America, whereas the Lonicera japonica is from eastern Asia (Japan, China, and Korea). I looked at some images of the two, yet I can't help but believe that the Lonicera japonica type are the ones in the Washingtonian area. I read some more about this type of honeysuckle and found out that it's a very invasive species which has overwhelmed many areas, including North and South America. So my suspicions were dead on and I was right that the honeysuckles that I had taken pictures of weren't the Lonicera sempervirens but instead were the Lonicera japonica. I wonder what other types of plants we have in this area that originally came from Japan besides the honeysuckles (スイカズラ) and cherry blossoms (さくら)?

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