I just discovered that my textbook was created by The Japan Times, so I checked out their website and it's just like The New York Times, a newspaper. So of course The Japan Times mostly focuses their attention to news in Japan and in the Asia Pacific Area, but they also have other news from around the world. The incident in Oklahoma even made headline news on their website. I read through their article about the tragic news and noticed that instead of using miles and mph, they converted it into km and kph--which isn't surprising since they use the metric system in Japan.

Like any news website, they have different sections like Politics and Diplomacy, Sports, Social Issues, Tech, National, Corporate, Science and Health, World, Asia Pacific, Business, etc. I checked out their Tech section and read an article about Microsoft's new Xbox One; it looks like Microsoft is bringing the entire living room together by making their new xbox compatible for the entire family--video gaming, tv, movies, music, Skype, etc. I also read a short article about Kyoto University joining up with edX, a U.S.-based nonprofit online learning platform that was created mainly by Harvard and MIT in 2012. Kyoto University is the first Japanese university to join edX, and their goal by doing so is to improve the quality of their education.

There are plenty of other articles featured on their homepage and throughout their website which I read and didn't read, but feel free to check out their site too! Happy reading! :)

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