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So I follow Tokyo Fashion on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. because I really do find the fashion of Tokyo to be quite interesting. This online fashion magazine mostly takes pictures of people roaming the streets of Harajuku, but also other parts of Tokyo, including Shibuya, Shinjuku, Akihabara, etc.

Their primary focus is Harajuku mainly because the styles that you see there are so different! Things that you would typically see on runways are featured on the roadways. Big and bold outfits everywhere. Everyone has their own and unique style to present. If I ever go to Japan, Harajuku is definitely the first place I'd love to visit so that I too can witness these phenomenal fashions!


Not all Tokyo fashion is all "goth" and "scary." That just seems to be a very popular trend this season. Ugly-cute is also very popular. There are also other styles: lolita, gyaru, visual-kei, decora, etc. I guess I can make seperate postings about these fashion trends later. (To learn more about these different types of styles in the meantime, click here.)

Big shoes, literally, in Japan include creepers and Dr. Martens. I bet you've seen people in the states wearing these unusual shoes too. When I lived in Italy, I stopped by England and noticed a lot of people wearing them too, but that was two years ago. Fashion is slow to travel across waters to America, especially to the East coast; first it'll hit California, then New York, and finally the other smaller big cities like D.C.

6%DOKIDOKI is a major brand that you all may have heard of that started up in Harajuku. Click here to watch an interview with Masuda Sebastian, the creator of 6%DOKIDOKI, as he talks about his company's true aim while witnessing what went on behind the scenes of their most recent photoshoot (the images featured on the website right now).

F.Y.I. Circle lensed glasses are 'hip' right now. Apparently that's all that New Yorkers wear these days (according to a friend of mine who went on a college visit to the Big Apple this past weekend). So now's the time to whip out those Harry Potter glasses you got when you were a kid and strut your stuff! :3

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