As many of you know, earlier this week on Monday and Tuesday I became obsessed with Catherine. I played this game for hours and hours, enjoying the animations and switches from movie to game mode. I even found it interesting how Atlas incorporated the two-dimensional with the three-dimensional, a feat I've never seen in games before (well, not the extent that was done in Catherine, transforming from 2-D to 3-D for movie modes and such).

I actually bought this game way back in either December for Christmas, or in February for my birthday, but either way it was a while ago and now I finally got the chance to play it. I already beat the game, it was a lot of fun playing this Rapunzel inspired story. And I'd like to just say that this is not a boob game, cough cough, Hong, and that there is no showing of boobs; this video game requires brain power to complete the puzzles and has an actual plot line which will change depending on your actions. I think I will replay this game just to see what will happen if I had chosen Catherine and not Katherine. :3

Also, I thought the English voice actors sounded familiar, but I would have never guessed that Michelle Ruff, voice actress of Katherine, also voice Miki from Marmalade Boy! Nor did I know that she and Laura Bailey were both the main male characters in Code Geass! Wow! Women voicing guys! (I watched Code Geass dubbed in Japanese though.) I also didn't know that Laura voiced Serah from Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XII-2! Omg! And the male voice of Vincent's was Troy Baker (I actually don't really know his voice that well since he plays only minor roles, but it was surprising to find out that he and the other two were in a lot of animes together). But I wasn't expecting that Troy voiced Exalibur from Soul Eater! What a surprise!

On another note, did anyone notice that in the movie mode when Vincent was laying in bed, above him was a bookself, and in that was a book titled Persona 4? Or how in the bar, the jukebox played a song from Persona 4? I just love it when the creators incorporate their older creations into the newer ones. Just like Pixar, for instance in Finding Nemo when Nemo is trapped inside the dentist office and they show the car going past the window, that vehicle was a Pizza Planet delivery truck from Toy Story. lol. Or in Disney's Hercules, how there is a rug on the floor, that's actually the pelt of Scar from the Lion King. I just absolutely love it when they do that! If I ever become an animator/mangaka/video game creator, etc. I will definitely integrate prior works of mine into the newer ones! :D

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