Eating in DuPont with my friends

I'll elaborate on this more later, maybe, so today I hung out with my friends in DuPont, and had a splendid time. We ate out for lunch and stayed there long enough to have dinner. First we went to v falafel and ordered their regular falafel sandwich which was good (I think. I actually didn't eat it, my friends did. I'll ask them how it was later. But it looked good).

Then we stopped by a cute little indie coffee shop called Soho Tea & Coffee since my friend Hong didn't want to get coffee from the main stream Starbucks that was located down the street, saying we had to "support our local businesses." We're just poor college students now, so we all split one big red velvet cupcake, which only cost us a total of $4 (bigger cupcake than Georgetown Cupcake's $3 one -- we got a good deal, especially since we all divided up the cost). I'd definitely recommend this place, especially since they have free wifi, but also because the atmosphere there is just so nice. I loved it. Very quiet and peaceful place (well...we were super loud...awkward...), but you can really get some much needed work done. I saw many people in there being very productive. We've all decided that we will revisit Soho for another cupcake and hopefully some of their iced coffee that is served in a jar.

Overall, I had a really great day today. We stopped at a small second hand bookstore called Second Story Books and bought a bunch of old cds (well, my friend Barbara is the one who bought all the music), then stopped at the more well known Books-a-Million for some magazine shopping. There was a live performance that went on in front of Krispy Kreme, and a short clip of them playing can be found on my Instagram by clicking here! I hope you enjoyed this posting! ;)

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