Wednesday, June 19, 2013

魔法の天使マミクリーミー/Magical Angel Creamy Mami

I can't believe that I'm watching 魔法の天使マミクリーミー (Mahou no Tenshi Mami Kurimi) Magical Angel Creamy Mami, an anime that aired in 1983; a series that was created 30 years ago! Wow! And now they're having it's 30th anniversary! I made sure to follow them on twitter for it! They even have a website just for it's anniversary! Although both are in Japanese, it's a good way to help me improve. The anime series is super easy to understand since it's rated G (for kids), and it's enjoyable and cute!

Magical Angel Creamy Mami reminds me a whole lot of 満月をさがして (Furu Mun o Sagashite) Full Moon wo Sagashite (one of my all time favorite animes). For instance in both stories you have a young girl who meets two strange beings which allows the child to use magical powers however they'd like for one year but must never tell anyone about it. Both girls transform into teenagers (with a different hair color and style), become singers for the one they love, and avoid their parental units finding out about them being pop idols. Like legit they're the exact same story; they both even have 52 episodes! I won't say that Arina Tanemura copied/stole Ito Kazunori's work, let's just say she was very inspired by his work; just how the ancient Greeks and Romans based their works off of previous writers to show endearment, in this case that's what Arina did.

If you all want to watch the first 13 episodes of Magical Angel Creamy Mami in Japanese with English subtitles, visit Anime Sols' website by clicking here for a direct link! (Support the creators!) Enjoy! Or watch all of the episodes on Youtube thanks to Tsubiefied who uploaded all 52 episodes; click here! (This is a great show for those who want to learn Japanese!)