Seizures Caused by Animes and Video Games

I just finished watching episode 31 of Mahou no Tenshi Creamy Mami and I must warn viewers that for about ten seconds, from around 14:50-15:00, there is rapid flashing of lights that could potentially induce a seizure. If anyone remembers/ever heard about it, the first episode of Pokemon had quick fluttering of bright colors which resulted hundreds of children being sent to the hospital due to seizures. If you do not wish for yourself/your family/children/friends/etc. to succumb to such a tragedy  then please be mindful when you watch this portion of the show (I covered my eyes with my hands until I felt it was safe but by then I had already watched practically all of it and felt slightly dizzy.) If you would like to find out more about this first episode of Pokemon, about how it was banned from being aired and other banned episodes, click here for TheJWittz's Banned Pokemon Episodes (With Video!) YouTube video.

And you know what I noticed, sometimes in Attack on Titan the lighting will get somewhat darker for no apparent reason, but there is a reason. For instance, during the opening theme song how all of the soldiers are shooting at the Titans when they're in the elevator, they dimmed this part due to the constant flashing of the lights caused by the rapid gun fire; it's dimmed for the viewers' safety so that he or she won't have a seizure. Animators must take these health risks into consideration when making animes and video games to insure the safety of the viewer/player. As seen on the inside cover of some games, like in Halo 4, it has a warning to those who are very sensitive to lights and such.

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