Nintendo 3DS - Yay or Nay?

Debating whether or not I should by a Nintendo 3DS. This'll be the first game counsel that I will have bought for myself (that is if you exclude phones), but I figured I should just go for it since the price is super low! The main reason I want one is because I've been dying to play the new Animal Crossing: New Leaf game. But since it's only a 3DS game, I'll need buy one otherwise I'll never be able to play it.

Hmm...decisions, decisions. My mom told me to sit on this thought for a bit, and I have been, a whole day I've been pondering. And so far I've been leaning towards buying one. If anyone has any reasons why or why I shouldn't buy one, please leave a comment! (So far I've only had positive responses for buying one.) Thanks! :)

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