Mahou no Tenshi Creamy Mami

If you all were wondering what Creamy Mami looks like, here are a few images I found of her. I'm assuming the pictures below are all fanarts of her since her character isn't drawn this way in the show (as seen above). (But maybe the creator made an art-book for Magical Angel Creamy Mami so he made his drawings more beautiful looking? Idk.)

Here are some images with a more kawaii effect! :3

After seeing that first image you can tell right away that it's an old timey show, でしょね?Like the artistic style back then is slightly different than what it is now, which is more cute and かわいい looking. Of course each artist has their own unique style, but it's really obvious what era some people lived in. Anyway, I hope that you all enjoyed these few pictures and will start watching this amazingly adorable old timey show! ;D

(I don't own any of the images featured in this article.)

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